10 reasons to come on a Yoga Retreat !

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I first went on a yoga retreat about 10 years ago when I needed a holiday and had just started doing Ashtanga Yoga. I thought it would be a good chance to deepen my understanding of yoga and at the same get a tan and relax on the beach. I had no idea of all the other immense benefits that week would bring, or the ideas that would spring from taking time out of the norm. I have since been on a number of retreats, holidays and intense yoga training courses and can't recommend them enough! The benefits are immense, so much so, that I have now made making running yoga retreats a main focus of what I offer to my yoga clients. Here are my Top 10 reasons for going on a yoga retreat or holiday.

Top 10 reasons for going on a yoga retreat or holiday

1. You'll have a chance to practice yoga everyday, usually in the evenings and the mornings. You'll deepen your practice and really feel your yoga progress and feel the differences. 2. You'll have a chance to try different styles of yoga. Generally at a yoga retreat you may have a more dynamic practice in the morning and meditative, yin or more relaxed session in the evening. 3. You may even actually properly "meditate". Being an an area of natural beauty , away from your daily grind and distractions it is easier to drop into a meditative state. 4. You'll tap into your creative nature. Being away from digital distractions and in nature, and by deepening your yoga practice you'll find ideas spring to mind. We often do a talent show at the end of our retreats and the creativity that is released is always mind blowing! 5. You'll have the chance to break old habits.  Deepening your yoga practice will allow you to notice mental and physical patterns and give you the chance to break habitual thinking and create space for change. You'll let go of fear and step into a space of courage and creating new possibilities. 6. You'll be outdoors and active as well as doing yoga. Often yoga retreats are combined with surfing, walking or another outdoor activity. At physiyoga our Italy retreat involves taking long hikes, in incredibly areas of beauty and nature. You'll have a chance to break free by jumping off waterfalls and swimming in fresh mountain water. You'll feel healthy, fit, refreshed and invigorated by the end of your week. 7. You'll meet new friends. You will spend time with new people and create lasting bonds with like minded people. Some of my closest friends, I have met on yoga retreats. You'll come close due to the nature of going through a yoga journey together, actually taking time to talk, relax and form bonds. 8. You'll eat well with no work. You'll have a fresh healthy diet for a week, without any work. You'll be catered for and have the chance to try healthy alternatives to your usual food . You'll probably find you slow down whilst your eating too which means you'll taste all these fresh exciting flavours much more vividly. 9. Digitally detox. Being off grid means your away from the distractions of constantly checking your phone, emails and facebook. You're mind will have a chance to slow down and truly relax. 10. New perspectives, gratitude and understanding. Generally at the end of a yoga retreat you will have cultivated a gratitute for all that you have in your life, stepped into the present moment and find that you feel much more positive and excited about life! Bonus! I have several yoga retreats coming up this year . Watch out for Yoga Camp Italy 2016 and North Norfolk Long weekends. Italy Yoga Retreat Winter Yoga and Pilates Weekend