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Rosie is a Senior Physiotherapist, Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Instructor, Pilates Instructor and is qualified in using Acupuncture from the University of Herefordshire.

Rosie is passionate about combining the science of yoga with the art of physiotherapy and offers classes, retreats and private 1-1 sessions in Physiyoga. In this blog you will find useful physio tips, yoga tips, anatomy of yoga guides, retreat insights  as well as travel and yoga life fun.

Physiotherapy and Yoga – What is Physiyoga?

Why Yoga and Physiotherapy? I’m often asked what is Physiyoga, how is it different from “normal” yoga and what are the benefits? How does physiotherapy combine with yoga? Yoga in itself is an ancient practice and the subject is vast , therefore I am just touching on it’s relation to physiotherapy in this article. Physiyoga... Read more »