Physiotherapy uses a variety of treatment techniques such as soft tissue release, joint mobilisation, exercise prescription and rehabilitation, as well as acupuncture and electrotherapy (TENS/ultrasound). In conjunction with physiotherapy, Rosie uses yoga and pilates techniques to improve your body awareness and ability to manage your symptoms in the long term.

Lower Back Pain in Pregnancy

How to alleviate lower back pain in pregnancy? Lower back pain and pelvic girdle dysfunction (PGD) is very common in pregnancy. It happens for a number of reasons, but the good news is physiotherapy specifically for pregnancy and pregnancy yoga can help ( a lot!) …. Back pain can happen in the lumbar spine as… Read more »

Baby physio tips for torticollis and plagiocephaly

Everybody, meet the absolutely gorgeous gentleman that is Arthur! Arthur was having difficulty looking to the left side just 3 weeks ago.. now he’s smiling away and looking over his left shoulder after a little bit of baby physio! Just to give you little background, baby Arthur was just 10 weeks old when I met… Read more »