Pregnancy Fitness

The Journey so far …. Hello to you all,  I’m now 21 weeks pregnant and thought I’d post a little about my journey so far and how I’ve been trying to keep up with my regular yoga practice and keep healthy and fit over the past few months. It’s been hard work trying to keep… Read more »

Baby physio tips for torticollis and plagiocephaly

Everybody, meet the absolutely gorgeous gentleman that is Arthur! Arthur was having difficulty looking to the left side just 3 weeks ago.. now he’s smiling away and looking over his left shoulder after a little bit of baby physio! Just to give you little background, baby Arthur was just 10 weeks old when I met… Read more »

Why Choose Physiyoga Pregnancy Yoga Classes ?

Enjoy your pregnancy, bond with your baby, meet other mums to be, move with music, flow through postures using your breath and help ease out pregnancy related aches and pains, relax, embrace your soft feminine nature & learn active birthing techniques . I have recently just finished teaching my first six week block of physio pregnancy… Read more »

Physiyoga for neck and shoulder tension

One of the most common complaints I hear is of neck, shoulder and upper back pain. So here are some simple Physiyoga tips for easing out the neck and shoulders. They can be done before you start your regular yoga practice or as stand alone exercises to provide some immediate relief. Most people tend to… Read more »

Bitter Sweet Farewells


This is not the blog I thought I would start a business with, but it seems apt and is really how yoga and meditation are helping me live a more fulfilled and happy life. So after nearly 3 months of being in India, it was time to say goodbye. One of the things I learned… Read more »

Physiotherapy and Yoga – What is Physiyoga?

Why Yoga and Physiotherapy? I’m often asked what is Physiyoga, how is it different from “normal” yoga and what are the benefits? How does physiotherapy combine with yoga? Yoga in itself is an ancient practice and the subject is vast , therefore I am just touching on it’s relation to physiotherapy in this article. Physiyoga… Read more »