Pregnancy Fitness

The Journey so far ....

Hello to you all,  I'm now 21 weeks pregnant and thought I'd post a little about my journey so far and how I've been trying to keep up with my regular yoga practice and keep healthy and fit over the past few months. It's been hard work trying to keep up my energy levels to run a business, hold down a three day a week employed job, run a yoga retreat, sell a house, buy a house and more ! So yes, it's been a busy busy few weeks with lots of work commitments as well as nurturing an ever growing little baby bump ! The first few weeks from about 6 weeks to 13 weeks I was really sick, with low energy, tired, lethargic and nauseous . I honestly wondered what we had done ! I was used to feeling well, fit and healthy and it came a bit shock to my system to be so drained. I turned to eating beige things, salty crackers, bread and anything that I basically didn't eat before. I found that travel sickness bands helped a little, and regular eating so as not to let blood sugar levels drop.

First Trimester Yoga

I was able to keep up a gentle yoga practice, with lots of restorative postures and breathing to calm the sickness. I also found that swimming really helped and was one of the only times i didn't feel sick, was when I was in the water. So I'd totally recommend trying to get not the pool if you are feeling the rath of morning sickness.


However, my biggest discovery was acupuncture with Rebecca Gantry @ Treat - Norwich, she treats ladies through all stages of pregnancy and it really worked wonders for me in the first trimester sickness stage. I had treatment once a week from about 9 weeks onwards, and after the acupuncture sessions i'd have a good 3-4 days where the nausea was a lot less. I've still had the odd nausea day later into my second trimester but if I have an acupuncture session it usually calms it down and I feel great for a couple more weeks. It's great for increasing energy levels also .

Into the second trimester .. feeling good !

  Since about 14 weeks I've felt so much better, and it's once the placenta is formed that the hormones stay in utero so don't affect you as much. I've re-found my energy levels, and actually feel really fit and healthy. I ran a yoga retreat in Italy last week and managed most of the yoga teaching other than modifying some of the prone positions. I loved hiking up and down the hills, and yes it was harder than normal and at times i more breathless and tired, but generally keeping up a good level of fitness has made me feel so much more vibrant. However, I definitely think the acupuncture treatments have helped me maintain these energy levels, maybe also coupled with some sunshine and incredible veggie food from Wild Tuscany.  

   Teaching in Italy at 21 weeks pregnant    baby bump showing !

I've now started to modify my yoga practice and practicing lots of meditations to help relax and bond with baby, which is so nice now I can feel the little wriggler moving around inside. I'm trying to swim 2-3 times a week, yoga a little everyday and take a long savasana (relaxation)  every day. So at 21 weeks, I'm happy, feeling good and enjoying my pregnancy !

My top tips:

First trimester - rest lots, eat what you can - don't worry too much about weight gain as you can make up for it when you're feeling brighter in your second trimester. Gentle yoga, restorative postures, breathing slow to help calm nausea and try Acupuncture !!!   Second Trimester - If you now feeling brighter, take the opportunity to eat more healthily for you and for your baby, again rest as you need, check out pregnancy yoga classes , try swim regularly if enjoy it and take at least 30 mins regular exercise everyday, even if it's just a walk. Low impact exercise is fine such a cross trainer and spinning if you are a gym bunny. Relax and try to enjoy the changes in your body and embrace this magical time. I'm totally loving feeling my baby move and taking it on little dances during my yoga practice, feels lovely !   My Pregnancy Yoga Classes Norwich are on a Monday 6-7.15pm @ The Yoga Tree Wednesdays 7.15-8.15pm @ Treat- Norwich