The Friday Night Chill Out

Come and try a warming mix of Restorative, Yin and Yoga Nidra (Deep Yogic Sleep) . These restorative sessions help to balance a fast lifestyle (something, I know all about!) and have an enormous capacity to help heal stress related physical and mental symptoms.

What is the class like?

You will still stretch, but you will fully relax in the stretch, so that tension can slowly be released. Because the body and mind relax, literally becoming softer, you also create space to get in touch again with your natural qualities of compassion and understanding of others and self. Your body can feel soft, warm, supple and glowing..feeling so comfortable you hardly notice the physical body. As your mind sits back, you can sort of watch everything from a distance, with a smile on your face , knowing everything is okay, exactly as it is. Nothing to accept or reject.

Do you remember what it is like to rest in your true nature? Realize you are not separate from life, any more than the air in a balloon is different than the air surrounding it, or the wave separate from the sea.

The Chill Out Session benefits, summarised:

-Enhances flexibility

-Deeply relaxes the body

-Stills the mind

-Improves capacity for healing and balancing

-Balances the nervous system

-Boosts the immune system

-Develops qualities of compassion and understanding toward others and self

-Enhances mood states

This Friday Night Chill Out, we will be inviting our bodies and mind to surrender. To let go of worries and tension, to create space for softness in our body and soul. The class will start with some cleansing pranayama ( breath techniques) and then we will move into a kidney meridian yin yoga sequence, finishing the class with a long yoga nidra to deeply relax and renew our energy levels.

Yin yoga involves longer holds than normal, but allows us notice sensations in the body and fluctuations of the mind. It allows us to enter into state of awareness and stillness, witnessing moments of lightness and calm. The body softens as the mind calms allowing us to come home to our inner state of lightness and calm.

Join Rosie for this popular Friday Night Chill Out, the class is a chance to unwind at the end of the week , leaving behind worries and stresses. Allow yourself to truly relax and feel light and refreshed.

Classes are accompanied with beautiful acoustic guitar music written by Rosie’s partner Adam Moore, specifically for these classes.

Classes start promptly at 6.30pm so please arrive 10 mins early to get settled and relaxed on your mat. Mats, blocks and props are all provided at The Yoga Tree Studio.

01/12/2017 - 02/12/2017

6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

The Yoga tree



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