Physio Yoga Flow for Beginners

Physiyoga classes are underpinned by 10 years of anatomical study and physiotherapy practice. They are specifically designed so that you can address any muscular imbalances, sports injuries, tight or weak area in the body. They can enhance sporting performance, focus , help with chronic pain, back pain and general musculoskeletal complaints. The classes work with breath , meditation, myofascial release and deep relaxation. I tend to add spikey balls, therabands and lots of fun adapted yoga and physiotherapy techniques so that you can gain the most from your yoga. I also tend to include some “pilates” type exercises to enhance stability as well as flexibility and address spinal mobility issues . Classes are alignment based, but with a strong meditative focus. The classes are basically “yoga medicine ” .. so come and try !
This beginners course will introduce you to Physiyoga techniques empowering you to find freedom in your body and mind .


02/01/2018 - 06/02/2018

7:15 pm - 8:30 pm

Treat Clinic



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