Why Choose Physiyoga Pregnancy Yoga Classes ?

Enjoy your pregnancy, bond with your baby, meet other mums to be, move with music, flow through postures using your breath and help ease out pregnancy related aches and pains, relax, embrace your soft feminine nature & learn active birthing techniques .

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I have recently just finished teaching my first six week block of physio pregnancy yoga classes. Spurred on by a couple of friends who had become pregnant and been enjoying my regular physio yoga classes, they knew i’d done my pregnancy yoga training and they were keen to continue with classes during their pregnancy.  So I set up and advertised my classes and Wow.. !! What a beautiful 6 weeks we’ve had... We’ve had some great fun girls ranging from 18 weeks to 34 weeks pregnant in the classes. Some of the girls had never done yoga before , but were keen to keep fit during pregnancy and avoid any lower back, pelvis, upper back or pregnancy related discomforts. Some others had heard of the benefits of yoga during pregnancy and were keen to learn some active birthing and meditation techniques to help them on their journey to motherhood.

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I had loved doing the pregnancy yoga training and have worked as a physio in paediatrics - with babies, toddlers and children for a number of years, but the pregnancy yoga has really taken my love of yoga and working with mums to be, and babies to a new level. Each week I have tried to weave a different theme into the classes, such as surrendering, building energy, acceptance/ joy , gratitude and love - bonding with baby. Through these themes, the girls have really connected with with their needs and i could feel the change in atmosphere in the room when they softened down and connected with the little lives evolving in their womb. We have played with sounding out the breath through Bija mantras (which resonate with the chakra system and energy points in the body) , feminine mudras ( or hand gestures ) and had fun practicing visualisations such as the "Golden Breath "  which hopefully they can use during birthing or whenever things become too much .  We have danced with the baby bellies and had fun learning camel walks and samba walks to ease the pelvis and lower back! I’ve also enjoyed putting together beautiful calming music and suddenly it’s felt fine to be girly , feminine and soft.

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Feedback from the classes has been great and these girls have formed a connection with each other, found a sense of community, many of them are in professional careers and work as doctors, teachers, physio's and OT's and have demanding and busy day jobs. They have said as much as they had tried to take time out for themselves during pregnancy, it had been hard finding the energy at the end of the day. The structure of the classes has really allowed them to take time out to connect with baby, relax and actually embrace their pregnancy.

Our relaxation time - or shavasana, has been so beautiful, you could sense the love these ladies have for their unborn child and the peace in the room has been serene, joyous and has felt incredibly strong. It really has been a pleasure to experience and guide these classes .

It’s funny how life evolves and we find out selves moving through phases and embracing different things as time goes on.. it's been an absolute pleasure to teach these girls and i’ve really found a passion. Anyway girls , it’s been so much fun and i’m looking forward to the next block of classes, meeting new mums to be and I can’t wait to meet the babies ! The next block of Physiyoga Pregnancy Classes starts of the 9th of December ( there is a 2 week break over Christmas) then the classes resume in the New Year at the Norwich Wellbeing Centre. Book Now Physio Pregnancy Yoga Course Dec - Jan 2016